Embroidered shirts

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The shirt is embroidered by hand on the unbleached linen. Embroidery is made with beads and DMC threads and is decorated with brick red lace. On the shirt the motif of poppies and wavy line are combined. The embroidery is multicolored and is made in light colors.
1,700 грн.
A shirt is made by hand on the homespun cloth. Wild flowers and ears of wheat symbolize abundance, welfare and prosperity. A lower part of a sleeve is decorated with geometric ornament that goes well with floral one.It’s embroidered with high-quality French threads. Let your life be as flowering as the summer field.
1,500 грн.
A shirt is embroidered by hand on linen. The work is made with high-quality acrylic threads. A pattern of the ancient shirt is used for decoration. The kraika (a woven sash) is the same color as the embroidery. Kraika is included with the dress.
1,680 грн.
The shirt is made by hand on the homespun cloth. DMC threads. A unique pattern and its placement are designed by our painters according to old photographs and books. Red, deep-red and olive colors look very festive and noble. A cross in front and on the back of a shirt makes a silhouette longer and is a symbol of safety.
2,600 грн.
A beadwork embroidery dress. Our master uses four types of white beads and creates a unique pattern that looks vary tender and festive. The cotton cloth is strong but quite thin. We call it "beaded one", because it has some characteristics: a smooth knitting, it keeps the shape and sits well after washing. It’s a perfect variant for those women who want to look gorgeous.
5,500 грн.
The shirt is made by hand on the homespun cloth with DMC threads.Embroidery looks like painted one. A gentle wavelet carries small bunches of flowers, leaving a trail of petals. Hand knitting on the bottom of a blouse and on the edges of the sleeves matches the color of the embroidery.
1,550 грн.
The dress is embroidered by hand on the unbleached linen. Small flower bouquets in soft colors are embroidered with acrylic paints. A collar and belt are decorated with crocheted lace. Two pairs of kutas (a cord with a tassel) on the sleeves add some comfort and uniqueness. This dress will be appropriate on a romantic date as well as during a business meeting.
1,550 грн.
The shirt is made by hand on the unbleached linen with DMC threads. Lilies are a symbol of not bright, but delicate beauty, its beauty is tender and happiness is quiet. Lyly does not know beauty but it is inseparable with the purity. It's a sign of exquisite taste.
1,200 грн.